They See Me Haulin’ Part 2: Haul Revealed

01 Psy Sheet Masks
Sheet masks that transform you into Psy. Heh, psyyy-ch!

Part 1 is here.

Ah, I bought too much in LA.  Some are gifts.  But let’s be real, most of it is for me.

02 Full Haul
Haul-la! The full haul+free samples

First, I bought some cotton pads to remove eye makeup.  After Costco stopped offering my favorite Denon cotton pads (cheap and didn’t disintegrate or shed lint), I’ve been trying out different drugstore offerings and some Asian ones that I had lying around.  They’ve all been meh.  Here’s hoping these are better.

03 The Face Shop Mild Cotton Pads Cotton Labo Clean Puff
The Face Shop Mild Cotton Pads and Cotton Labo Clean Puff

I was excited to come across Taiwanese brand Naruko at Beauty Tips at Atlantic Square.  I tried the tester for this [ampm] Super Triple HA Hydrating Souffle on my hand and found the texture to be thin and readily absorbed.  It has three types of hyaluronic acid.  I like basic moisturizers to use as night and eye cream and to use underneath my SPF moisturizer wherever I need extra hydration, like around my nose and on my neck.  I’ll open this after I’m finished with my current moisturizer, derma e Hydrating Night Creme with Hyaluronic Acid, which I totally recommend.

04 Naruko AM+PM Skincare Super Triple HA Hydrating Souffle
Naruko [ampm] Super Triple HA Hydrating Souffle
I also bought some nail polish remover sheets from Kracie (great for travel but pricey; comes out to about $1/sheet) and sheet masks from The Face Shop that are basically individual masks for your fingertips.

05 The Face Shop FaceIt Lemon Brightening Nail Pack Kracie Nail Color Remover Sheets
FaceIt Lemon Brightening Nail Pack and Kracie Nail Color Remover Sheets

Speaking of sheet masks, I couldn’t resist the Psy masks.  They come in different formulas and the eyes can be poked out so you can wear the packaging as a real mask.  There were also a ton of animal-themed masks (e.g., panda mask for undereyes).  I bought a hippo mask that claims to get rid of excess fat.  And a mask for breasts that is (a little disconcertingly) gorilla-themed.

07 Elephant Abs Sheet Mask Deary Breast Mask
Beyond the God of Patches: Bye-Bye to Excess Fat and Deary Breast Mask

Onto makeup.  I bought a three-pronged felt-tip liquid eyeliner from The Face Shop.  The concept of these liners is intriguing, but the Too Faced version smeared on me; hoping The Face Shop’s will last longer.  I also bought some eyeliners by CLIO.  The Gelspresso Waterproof Pencil Gel Liner comes in a million colors and has an incredibly smooth, pigmented, and skip-free application.  I bought No. 13 Bloody Sweet (shimmery champagne pink with ultrafine glitter), which was part of a 2013 burgundy/red-themed collection starring Sandara Park of 2NE1.  I also bought a duo containing CLIO Kill Black Waterpoof Brush Liner and (sample-size) O’Tank Volume Mascara.

06 The Face Shop FaceIt Extreme Dot Pen Eyeliner EX Clio Gelspresso Bloody Sweet Clio Kill Black Waterproof Brush Liner Mascara Duo
FaceIt Extreme Dot Pen Eyeliner EX, CLIO Gelspresso, and CLIO Kill Black brush liner and mascara duo

Last of all are two blushes that I was drawn to because they’re purple, my favorite color.  The one on the left is from The Face Shop in the shade 03 Purple Fantasy, a light purple.  The texture is soft and powdery and the finish is satiny.  The one on the right is 3CE’s Duo Color Face Blush in Creme De Violette, comprised of matte pastel pink and lavender.  Check out Stylenanda’s gorgeous swatch and model photos here;  Creme De Violette is about 2/3rds of the page down.  The lavender is deeper than The Face Shop blush.  Although both blushes are cool-toned, they look cooler in my photo than they really are.

08 The Face Shop Lovely Me-Ex You & Face Blusher 03 Purple Fantasy 3CE Duo Color Face Blush Creme De Violette
The Face Shop blush in 03 Purple Fantasy and 3CE Duo Color blush in Creme De Violette

Phew, that’s all.  Thanks for reading!

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