Nail Fail: Kracie Nail Color Remover Sheets Review

I’ve been keeping a couple of packets of the Kracie Petit Moi Nail Color Remover sheets in my purse. You know, for nailmergencies like when your polish is shrinking and there’s 1/4-inch of nail showing between your cuticle and the polish.

01 Kracie Nail Color Remover Sheets ReviewI had used this product successfully several months ago. The sheet was soaked with enough remover for both hands and didn’t dry out my nails. So when a nailmergency popped up today, I didn’t hesitate to break open a packet.

But–shock, horror–the sheet was DRY. No exaggeration, completely bone dry.

I opened up a second packet and it was wet but not as wet as I remembered. I hoped for the best and started rubbing the sheet against my nails. Fail. It removed the polish from like 3.8 fingers. The polish isn’t even one of those hard-to-remove glitter polishes. So now I have to make a trip to the drugstore for polish remover that, oh you know, actually removes polish.

02 Kracie Nail Color Remover Sheets Review
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Bottom line: don’t buy these. Not only are they unreliable, they were expensive: about $5 ($1 per sheet), as I said in my haul post. They’re available online for much cheaper, but what’s the point if they don’t work?

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