More Cushion for the Pushin’: Laneige BB Cushion & HERA UV Mist Long Stay Cushion Reviews

01 Hera UV Mist C21 Laneige BB Cushion Light Review Laneige BB Cushion in Light ($34) and HERA UV Mist Cushion Long Stay in C21 (Cool Vanilla Cover) are basically sisters. They’re nearly identical in shade and finish: a peachier NC15 and a satin finish that remains a little sticky unless you powder over it. The coverage of both is buildable to medium: capable of evening out skintone, covering redness, and softening (but not concealing) the look of spots.

This is one of the rare instances where Renee and I have the same item. Renee has the Laneige BB cushion in a slightly darker shade. She likes the even, natural, and luminous finish and the light to medium coverage.

05 Hera UV Mist C21 Laneige BB Cushion Light Review

Higher-end cushions are ordinarily packaged with a bulky compact and two product inserts (one in the compact and one refill). Because I already had a leftover AmorePacific compact from last summer and because I didn’t want to commit to so much product, I ordered the HERA as a single refill off of eBay. (Single refills are abundantly available online.)

Hera and Laneige in indirect natural light
HERA and Laneige in indirect natural light
03 Hera UV Mist Cushion C21 and Laneige BB Cushion Light Review
HERA and Laneige in flash

I purchased the Laneige one (SPF 50) at Target, which offers the Americanized shade options Light, Medium, and Dark. The Korean versions are number-based, e.g., 13, 14, 21, 23; I would guess that Light is equivalent to shade 21 based on its similarity to HERA C21. Renee purchased the Korean version from an Amore store in No. 23 Sand Beige. It goes on ashy but oxidizes to match her medium skin tone.

The HERA (SPF 50, PA+++) is the Summer Proof version and claims to last for 12 hours. I find that both the Laneige and the HERA last all day with powder on top (12+ hours), but I haven’t tried wearing them alone for that long.

04 Hera UV Mist Cushion C21 and Laneige BB Cushion Light Swatches
HERA C21 and Laneige Light in flash

I’m currently a little tanner than usual (usual=NC15) and these cushions look slightly too pale on me. (But my AmorePacific cushion in 104 Tan Blush is slightly too dark. Argh. It looks great from the neck up though, haha!)  Update June 2015: I’ve been reading cushion shade-matching posts on the Asian Beauty subreddit and have noticed a few comments saying that Laneige Light is dark and orangey on NC15 skin.  It’s possible that Laneige has changed the color over time or that I was just plain wrong.  Please read more recent reviews before buying.

06 Hera UV Mist C21 Laneige BB Cushion Light Review

Overall, they’re both great buys.

12 Replies to “More Cushion for the Pushin’: Laneige BB Cushion & HERA UV Mist Long Stay Cushion Reviews”

    1. Tough question. They’re all sooo similar. I think I like AmorePacific and IOPE (just bought that in C21 and will do a review on it) for the finish and how they wear throughout the day. The Amore saleswoman insisted that the Laneige and Sulwhasoo cushions were drier than the IOPE (I have normal to dry skin), but I’m not sure I notice a big difference in moisture. Hope this helps!

    1. Hope you like it! Maybe it’s because I’ve only tried cushions from the AmorePacific family, but the formula of all of these are so similar (especially after applying powder and the rest of your usual makeup). Probably best to just go for the color and price point that suits you best.

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