Butt In & Butt Out: What’s in Angela’s Bag (Beanpole x Kakao-Apeach Heritage Mini Tote)

See the last edition of this post, featuring a Paul & Joe crossbody cat bag.

01 Beanpole Kakao Apeach ToteSun’s out, buns out!

If you follow us on Instagram, you’ll know my (Angela’s) enchantment with a plump little guy named Apeach. Apeach is one of the characters in the instant-messaging app KakaoSouth Korea’s most popular with 93% of smartphone users using it, I might add–and is ostensibly a genetically engineered peach. HA! And double HA!

HE’S A BUTT. Plain and simple. Ass clear ass day.

I’m so enchanted by Apeach that I bum-rushed the Beanpole website when I spotted Apeach wallets, handbags, luggage tags, and MOAR. They’re part of a collab that Beanpole, a Korean fashion brand, did with Kakao featuring all the major characters.

Beanpole x Kakao Collaboration

By now, only a few items are left, which you can check out on Beanpole’s site: http://www.ssfshop.com/public/display/special/576/brnd/list.

I opted for the Apeach mini Heritage tote (orig. 298,000 won, now 160,920 won ($138 USD)). My entirely rational logic was that the clASSic shape would balance the, well, butts. Totes profesh for work, riiiight?? (Just nod and smile. It’s not as if I can return the bag now.)

See Suzy from girl band miss A model the Neo version here.

02 Beanpole Apeach PurseIn HINDsight, I should have waited because the bag’s now discounted even further. I didn’t get a bum deal–it was well discounted when I bought it–but it’s now 40% off PLUS an additional 10%. I used a shopping service–Korean Buddy (totally recommend)–to buy it. In fact, I used Korean Buddy to buy all the Apeach stuff in this post.

The tote was every bit as booty-ful as it appeared in the promo photos. Sturdy Saffiano leather, strong stitching, shiny silver hardware, and Apeachy-keen print all over.

03 Beanpole Kakao Heritage Mini ToteButt wait! There’s more!

The contents of my bag are even cheekier. Inside the Apeach bag is an Apeach pouch that holds Apeach hand cream and Apeach pen. It’s like Russian nesting derrières.

04 Kakao Apeach“Enough!” you cry. “I’m not here to Seymour Butts.”

OK, OK, here are the rest of my handbag staples (swatches at the end).

05 Kakao Apeach Face Shop06 Kakao Apeach Face Shop07 Kakao Apeach Dior Lip Glow Lilac

  • Dior Lip Glow in Lilac (limited edition for Spring 2016): Turns my lips a natural mauve shade, like a lighter version of how my lips look after I’ve eaten. Won’t repurchase and I still prefer the Original Lip Glow because the Original brightens my face with light pink tones. The Beauty Look Book has terrific comparison photos of every shade here, but YMMV when it comes to color-adjusting makeup.
  • Jolse blotting sheets: I’m actually using these now that the weather has (finally–ahem, April snow) turned somewhat warm in DC.  Actually, it’s been gray and drizzly the last few weeks, but I sense summer on the horizon!
  • Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick in Genial (limited edition from Summer 2010): I remember buying up a million versions of Cheong Song Yi‘s verge-of-neon coral lip color–and then I remembered I had Chanel Genial. Perfection! I like to blot this onto the center of my lips. Swoon over swatches on Temptalia and Shameless Fripperies. My swatch doesn’t convey the happy brightness IRL.
  • Dior Addict lipstick in #680 After Party: Dior makes some of the best lip products. Smoooooove as glass. After Party is a glossy medium mauve pink perfect for the office.

08 Swatch Dior Lip Glow Lilac Chanel Genial Dior After PartyRenee rags on me for carrying ass-cessories as a grown-ass woman, but I can’t be shamed or embarrASSed. This bag brings me more joy than any Chanel bag could. (That said, if you want to tradesies, I won’t say no…)

If you love Apeach as much as I do, check out the beauty collabs featuring him (and the other Kakao friends) by The Face Shop (recent!) and VDL (somewhat old news/discontinued). (Links are to Jasmineitor in Korea‘s posts; highly recommend checking out The Face Shop post for the sheet mask demos, but steel yourself. Kakao friends don’t look as friendly once translated to sheet masks O_0)

UPDATE May 12, 2016: Breaking news!  The Face Shop has come out with more Kakao items, including this gem:

The Face Shop Kakao Apeach Make Me Body Mist

Awww yeah, come to mama.

* * *

How about you? Any juvenile indulgences that make you CRACK a smile?

22 Replies to “Butt In & Butt Out: What’s in Angela’s Bag (Beanpole x Kakao-Apeach Heritage Mini Tote)”

    1. Beanpole is sort of overpriced, but with the discount and Kakao…WORTH IT. The quality is really good, too. I’ve been using my bag for a couple of months and it looks new. No scratches, staining, or peeling, and the printed design is still perfect!

  1. Your puns are asstounding and this post was fasscinating!! (That’s the best i could do…LOL) but seriously, wow! Super cute and the quality of the bag looks really good!

      1. Thank youuu. I’m looking into buying some of the new stuff that came out from The Face Shop as well because I have no chill :’)

      1. Ha ha no don’t worry, I am firmly, but politely refusing orders on this bag from America of course! Philippines and Sweden.

        Just kidding 🙂

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